10 February 2020

Amber, queen of the basics



We love Amber. Her round shape with sturdy finish, robust yet elegant. A weathered look with a stylish finish, she has it all. Two natural shades; earth and white earth, both timeless and very good friends with green.

How Amber is made

Amber is made from durable clay of the best quality. This porous clay is pressed by hand into a mould. The firing creates a strong pot with an open structure that is not 100% watertight. The pot breathes a little, thus creating an optimal climate for the soil and plant roots.

Inspiration combos

All plants love Amber and Amber loves all plants. Be inspired by some beautiful pot and plant combos.

The best way to plant a plant

  • Start with a layer of hydro grains that acts as a drainage system.
  • Approximately 1/3 of the pot is often the right amount.
  • Fill the pot with the correct potting soil and remove the plant from the liner.
  • Lay a layer of soil over the hydro grains.
  • Carefully put the plant in the pot and hold it while you add the rest of the soil.
  • Press the soil gently so that the plant is firmly in the pot but has room to breathe.
  • Give your hip pot plant combo a nice place where it can shine.
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