Eco-friendly versatile Cera-Mix

Our Cera-Mix collection is made to make life greener. The pots are made with recycled plastic. The collection is finished with a beautiful, natural-looking finish that is also weatherproof.  The pots are strong and lightweight, with a timeless look. The Cera-Mix series comes in many sizes and shapes, including the versatile round Nova series and a rectangular series called Nimar.


Our Cera-Mix series is a special collection of pots and items suitable for outdoor use. TS Cera-Mix is made with recycled plastic and natural stone powder. The collection features bold stone finish.  The overall look and feel is very natural and really resembles heavy robust stone. In contrast, the pots are surprisingly lightweight and resistant to all weather conditions. Combined with the enormous versatility and practicality, this makes the Cera-Mix series a very popular and special series.

TS Collection has chosen a timeless color palette consisting of Blackwash, Stone, Concrete grey and Grey. These colors can be combined and mixed particularly well, in all seasons and styles.  The contemporary Terrazzo colors provide a fresh stylish look!


The modern series Nova by Cera-Mix comes with many items and possibilities and is available in different sizes, pots, vases, planters, bowls, pendants, balcony containers and dishes. This series is as versatile as consumers are creative, you can really go in any direction with it. For those who love straight lines, we introduced the Nimar series in 2020.

Most items feature a unique drainage system that keeps plants beautiful longer.

The unique properties of Cera-Mix

For the special, eco-friendly features of Cera-Mix pots, check out the sticker on the inside of each pot.

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% recycled
  • 100% recyclable
  • All weather proof
  • Drainage system
  • Multi functional

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