Exclusive and special flower vases

We proudly present TS Glass, collection of exclusive special flower vases. High quality glass in the most beautiful colors, traditionally blown into elegant eye catchers. Discover the collection!

Not the flowervase next door

TS Glass vases are truly special flower vases. For this collection, our designers only go for the most beautiful shapes in dazzling colors. But what makes our vases really special is the way they are made. All items are traditionally mouth-blown, pure handicraft and so each vase is truly unique. We mostly use multiple colors of glass creating fabulous patterns and textures. We have chosen the most popular vase shapes, complemented by surprising models that intrigue.



Beautiful structures in trendy colors.


Soft tones in an enchanting design.


Extravagant in powerful aqua, black and silver.


Sweet pearly colors with seductive texture.


Absolute stunner in extra large versions.


Basic round vase shapes with elegant pattern.