Love is in the air

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we also think of flowers. Are you choosing safety? A bunch of red roses? Nowadays it’s much more fun to give colourful bouquets that have a meaning. It’s also interesting to take a look at a flower+pot combo. In this blog we will tell you which combinations are best suited for Valentine’s Day. So that your loved one will be totally happy with you ????.


The vase Kate in the color valentine fits perfectly with the theme of love. This vase is made of beautifully colored glass. Kate is traditionally blown, so every Kate is slightly different, and a truly unique item. We use multiple colors of glass to create fabulous patterns and structures. If you are looking for something special for your loved one, Kate is really something for you. This vase can hold a beautiful bouquet, a picture perfect!


The Carol is a real eye-catcher. Especially if you decorate her with stylish Lisianthus flowers. Carol gives your interior a new style. This pot has a beautiful shiny finish, providing contrast. Carol is made of high quality ceramics with a beautiful porous structure, which is not 100% waterproof. In combination with a waterproof inlay of TS Collection this pot is perfect for a beautiful bunch of flowers. Lovers will be very happy with this. You can’t go wrong with the Carol.


This pot is from our TS Handmade collection. Evi is made by real craftsmen who have used natural materials. All pots are truly unique. This is partly because, the pot goes through the hands of craftsmen more than 20 times. A real example of craftsmanship. This pot fits best with a beautiful colourful plant, such as the Begonia. The combination of craftsmanship with a living plant is pure love, no piece of furniture can compete with that. The pot was previously available in antique bronze and is now also available in the loving colour vintage pink.

Not such a fan of a pink flowerpot? No worries. We have plenty of choice. Check the slider for more inspiration.