Lucas watertight pot inlays

Our flexible pot inlays make all pots, baskets and vases 100% waterproof. Made from sustainable recycled materials and 100% recyclable. There are 15 different sizes available from 0.3 litre to 25 litre capacity, in vase and pot shape. Lucas is the sustainable solution for all your bouquets and plants. There is a Lucas for every pot.

Flowers in a flowerpot

It sounds so normal, flowers in flower pots. But actually, we never put a bouquet in a flowerpot. A flowerpot is made of clay, and clay breathes. That means the pot will absorb the water and eventually leak. In that case, a coaster is not enough. But now there’s Lucas! Finally we can put our beautiful bunches of flowers in flowerpots. But also in baskets and metal pots. Play it safe and buy a Lucas!

15 sizes pot inlays

We have a Lucas for every pot and vase. The collection consists of 15 different sizes. Below is a list of article numbers and sizes. This way you know exactly which Lucas you need.


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