Trend style Bohemian Blossom

The Bohemian Blossom type is always in motion and that is reflected in the interior. It takes you on a journey to a cosy world full of colour, flowers and prints. This style is a bombastic representation of joy and freedom in urban nomadic life. Personal memories are creatively processed in the garden, creating a festival vibe. We want to feel like we are travelling all year round.

“The world is my playground.

Your creative personality will blossom in this festival vibe full of colour, flowers and prints. An exuberant display of colourful memories in your urban lifestyle.

Personal memories are creatively incorporated into the interior. A festival vibe is created with countless different materials, strong plants and colourful flower bouquets.

Be creative, social, create your own colorful and cozy interior with cheerful, sunny colors. Live enthusiastically, carefree and create the most beautiful memories by mixing and matching various materials and prints with the most beautiful flowers and plants.

Plants & materials

We see many different materials, colors and prints. We are not selective, there is always room for new pots, plants and home accessories. We cheerfully go ‘all the way’ and mix and match where we can. Rope, macramées, Oriental carpets, shiny metal, shiny ceramics, pots with patterns and structures. Everything is possible in this hippie free style.

The green in this trend style is a base of vigorous tough plants such as Aloe Vera, Ficus Elastica and Sansevieria complemented by exuberantly colourful flower bouquets. So take your houseplants outside and let them enjoy the sun.