Style trends of 2019

A new year with new pots, fresh and surprising combinations, all fitting within the latest trends and hypes. But what are those new interior and garden trends? Which ambiances and materials do we encounter, which colors are hot and happening this year? You find the answer in these three unique trend styles for 2019; Green Energy, Fresh Hapiness and Exotic Chic. Which style appeals to you the most?

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Green Energy

We are looking for better contact with nature and are craving for positive energy. Green Energy is a sunny theme that showcases feelgood colors like lime, yellow and green. You will find blue and gray tones in pots and accessories. An exuberant botanical theme with exotic plants, cheerful floral prints, a touch of the Mediterranean and lots of functional decoration.

Playful combinations are made with succulents in ceramic pots, baskets with citrus trees and originally shaped pots with surprising structures. Green Energy is a lively theme that provides instant energy.

Tips to totally own this style

Ceramic glazed flowerpots like Nik and Joyce

Succulents and cacti

Citrus trees or just throw lemons everywhere

Plants with yellow flowers like the Bromelia

Use lots of green shades, some grey and blue and highlight with yellow

Exotic Chic

The Exotic Chic theme is set in an exotic pond with a lush of green from water pants, large green leaves and monstera. Water birds, ferns and insects are part of this mystic ambiance around a graceful pond area. The accent colors pink and orange hues are taken from the natural bright colors of Japanese koi fish, water lilies and  dragonflies. Brown and black tones provide richness, depth and a tasty finish.

A very rich indulging theme with a lot going on. Introducing contemporary colors on ceramics with elegant color overflows. Natural sustainable materials such as ceramics and braided seagrass highlight nature’s beauty.

How to rock this theme

Beautiful big leaved plants like Monstera

Combine with flowerpots in natural shades

Use natural materials like wood and seagrass

Highlight with orange and pink decorations

Think green and water and nature!

Trend styles for 2019 | Woontrends 2019 | Woonstijlen 2019 | Fresh Happiness | TS Collection | Home styles | Interior trends | Interieurtrends

Fresh Happiness

Fresh Happiness responds to the increasing demand for peace, outdoor life and atmosphere in our modern lives. We want to mirror the country life in our interiors, but in a romantic way and well organized. Subtle deeper color tones taken from butterflies and flowers, highlight the scene. It’s a lovely and sophisticated concept with light powdery colors, handmade pots of clay and metal items.

Fresh Happiness combines the sobriety of the country life with the comforts of modern life, and plays with materials and colors in a very stylish way.

Bring this sweet style home

Create a smooth soft base of light blue and sandy pink

Choose matt plants in soft coloured pots

Choose baskets and pots with unique structures and textures

Decorate with lovely butterflies, powdery colours and field flowers

Think sweet, lovely and playful