Exclusive and elegant TS Ceramics

The garden is the one place where we can relax and really be ourselves. For an atmospheric garden full of personality, you are looking for a special item. No next door flowerpot, but one that you buy for life. An eye-catcher that gives the garden character. Our Ceramics collection presents flower pots with style and personality. Timeless or trendy, with a weathered structure or shiny smooth. Express yourself and choose the Ceramics flower pot that embraces your style.


Which pot suits you?

A remarkable pot, one as unique as you are.

The TS Ceramics collection is extensive. Every year we introduce new series, so the collection remains modern and fresh. We have pots, vases, dishes and bowls in many sizes, ranging from 20 centimeters to 120 centimeters. The primary colors red, blue and yellow are represented, but there is also plenty of choice in the more quiet tones such as beige and green. We even have a special terracotta line with beautiful matte pots in earth tones, especially for the enthusiast.

There are round pots, square pots and pots with a cylinder shape. In terms of design and color there is plenty of choice, but one thing you can be sure of. The designs of TS Ceramics pots are always stylish and timeless. When designing new series, this is always our starting point. In this way we create a valuable and unique product that lasts a very long time, and meets your personal needs.


Exclusively handmade

The TS Ceramics collection is an exclusive selection of flower pot series, each one handmade, believe it or not. The pots are constructed from layers of clay and then baked. For glazed pots, once they have cooled down, they are given an extraordinarily beautiful glaze, after which they go back into the oven. This creates a very strong glaze that is not only beautiful but also colorfast and wear-resistant. The high-quality ceramic is a true natural product that fits in with responsible gardening, especially when you consider its lifespan.

An exclusive flower pot for life

A TS Ceramics flower pot is a product you buy for life. We fully understand that you want to be well informed about this purchase. That’s why every Ceramics pot has a label with icons showing the special properties of the pot. Click here to see what the icons mean exactly. If you still have questions, please ask your salesperson in the store.

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Tips and important information

The glazed earthenware in the TS Ceramics collection is characterized by ease of use. Dirt does not adhere to the pots, so the beautiful appearance is preserved. Cleaning can be done simply with a soft cloth.

Almost all Ceramics pots have a drainage hole. Make sure that water can drain well, so that the pot does not break during frost. It is best to place the pot on feet.

Be careful with frost! Leave the pot where it is, don’t move it, then the pot will survive the winter well.

Do you want to enjoy your TS Ceramics flower pot for life? Read the label with properties carefully. You can find the information here.

Our collection changes constantly and is always kept up to date. This ensures that the collection is modern and stylish, and also contains a degree of exclusivity. It is possible that certain pots on this page, are no longer being made. As soon as we run out of stock, it depends on the individual stocks of the outlets, whether a pot is still available. Of course we have no insight in these stocks. We advise you to contact the point of sale.

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