TS Collection is the house brand of Ter Steege, a Dutch company that has been around for almost 90 years. We are a manufacturer and supplier of indoor and outdoor flower pots, glass flower vases, basketware, metal planters and home decoration items. It is too much and too beautiful to mention! Our products are for sale at 95% of the Dutch garden stores and countless florists, garden centers and specialty stores worldwide. Check out our points of sale here.

Do you have a question? You can probably find an answer below. Can’t find it? Please send an email to our helpdesk.

Does TS Collection sell directly to consumers?

No, we do not deliver to consumers, only to our clients. Our client base consists of garden centers, do-it-yourself stores, florists and other stores. So there is plenty of choice! On the page with points of sale and webshops you can see where our products are sold. Of course every store has its own assortment and stock. Of course we are not able to see these. Please contact the shop for more information.

I am looking for a specific pot or product

Great! At the page with points of sale and webshops you can see which stores sell our products. If you are looking for a specific pot, please contact the store first to ask if they have the product in stock. Is the item not in stock? No worries! Any TS Collection retailer can order TS items from us for you. For reasons of sustainability (packaging and transportation), we work with minimum order units. In exceptional cases, this may be a reason for a store not to order the item from us, for example if it is an old collection.

Are the measurements of the pots exact?

Due to the handmade and natural nature of our products, each item is unique. This means that slight variations in finishes, sizes and weights are possible. This is the charm of our collection. It provides an authenticity, where it is precisely those small variations that enhance the uniqueness of our products. Are the sizes of TS pots exact? No, usually not. There are a few exceptions such as series SVEN, and CERA-MIX which are factory made.

How do I pot a plant?

To keep pot and plant as strong and beautiful as possible, we recommend this method of potting for both indoor and outdoor use.

For outdoor use, a pot should have a drainage hole. Cover the hole with gauze to prevent clogging. With pot feet, you can give your pot even better drainage. For indoor use, we strongly advise you to place a suitable pot inlay in the pot. This protects the pot and the surface on which it stands against water damage caused by leakage.

  1. Fill the pot/inlay for 1/3 with hydro grains for good drainage.
  2. Then fill with the correct potting soil and the plant.
  3. Press the plant well and water it.
  4. Always water the plant at the stem. This way the roots get the most out of the water, and no water can end up between the inlay and the pot.

How do I know if my pot can be placed outside or inside?

This is indicated on the sticker on the bottom or on the hanging tag. On indoor pottery you will usually find a sticker on the bottom with info. Basketry and outdoor products are usually provided with a hanging tag with icons. These icons indicate special characteristics that you can take into account. On each product we refer to the web page with important information. Here you will find user tips, information per product group and also the explanation of the meaning of the symbols on the label. Pretty straightforward!

Is my flowerpot watertight? Do I always have to use an inlay?

No, no flowerpot is guaranteed to be 100% watertight. Yes, when used indoors, we strongly advise you to use an inlay of the right size in every pot. This prevents damage to the pot, and also to the surface on which the pot stands or hangs above.

We work with natural products such as ceramics and cement. Clay has a porous open structure, which can let water through in case of excessive watering. To prevent this, we recommend that you put a suitable inlay in the pot. Metal is also a natural product; it can oxidise when it comes into contact with water. That is not what you want. You want to keep the pot, and the furniture on which the pot stands, beautiful. Especially because metal is subject to oxidation, it is extra important to protect it with an inlay. Our basketware is hand-woven from natural grass and cane species such as sea grass. They come with an eco-plastic interior, but even for the basketwork, we advise you to use an additional inlay when you are planting a plant in the basket. In short, if you want to be sure that the pot is 100% watertight, always use an inlay. Ask your point of sale for the right size inlay for your pot.

Extra tip! Always water your plants by the stem. This prevents water from getting between the inlay and the pot. Oh yes, of course our glass flower vases are watertight.

What should I do in case of damage/warranty?

As a buyer, you should always report warranty and damage issues to the point of sale in question, meaning the store from which you purchased the product. The store is responsible for the sale of their products and for further communication with the consumer, meaning with you. As a supplier we cannot and do not want to interfere in this. Every request is different and our experience is that retailers handle this very carefully. The point of sale communicates with us (the supplier) about the possible replacement of a product. It’s as simple as that!

Reporting damage and claiming warranty does, of course, have a few conditions:

– You have treated the pot according to these guidelines on the label. The seller can determine if this is the case.

– Do you want to move a pot? Pick up a pot at the bottom, using both hands. Do not lift or pull on the rim.  Because of the weight in the pot, it may break.

– Take the pot (or good pictures) back to the store where you bought it and clearly show what the problem is.

– Always bring the receipt to prove you bought the pot from there.

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