Many of our products are handmade using natural materials. A special product deserves special treatment. This is why we have icons on the label that tell you more about the specific characteristics of each product. Follow the tips and guidelines to make sure your purchase remains beautiful for as long as possible.


Potting guide
How do I pot a plant?
To keep pot and plant as strong and beautiful as possible, we recommend this potting method for both indoor and outdoor use.

For outdoor use, a pot should have a drainage hole. Cover the hole with gauze to prevent clogging. Pot feet give the pot even better drainage. For indoor use, we recommend placing a suitable pot inlay in the pot. This protects the pot, and the surface on which it stands, against water damage caused by leakage.

  1. Fill the pot/inlay 1/3 full with hydro grains for good drainage.
  2. Then fill with the right potting soil and the plant.
  3. Press the plant well and water. Always water the plant by the stem. This way, the roots will get the most out of the water, and no water can get between inlay and pot.

TS Indoor

Do you see this icon on the sticker or label of your TS purchase? Congratulations! You are the owner of a unique handmade product. This can be either a TS Handmade, TS Glazed, TS Metal or TS Naturals product. We recommend using a Lucas inlay to ensure 100% waterproofness. This is also a product made for indoor use, which is subject to weathering.

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