Many of our products are handmade from natural materials. A special product deserves a special treatment. That’s why there are icons on the label that tell you more about the specific characteristics of a product. Follow the tips and guidelines so that your purchase remains beautiful for as long as possible.

TS Indoor

Is this icon on the sticker or label of your TS purchase? Congratulations! You are the owner of a unique handmade product. This can be either a TS Handmade, TS Glazed, TS Metal or TS Naturals product. We recommend to use a Lucas inlay to ensure 100% waterproofness. This is additionally a product made for indoor use, which is subject to weathering.

explanation of the icons

Drill hole

If you want to use this pot outside, drill a hole in the bottom of the pot. In this way the pot, and the roots of the plant, are protected against frost and excess water can drain away.


This product is handmade. Differences in colour, size, finish and appearance create an exclusive look. Every pot is truly unique!

Indoor & Outdoor

This pot is suitable for indoors and outdoors. The pot is frost resistant with good drainage of excess water (see our potting guide for proper use). For indoor use, we recommend using a plastic inlay to ensure 100% water tightness.

Attention! A small part of our TS Ceramics collection comes without a bottom hole. These pots are ideally suited for indoor use. If you want to use the pot outside, simply drill a hole in the bottom.

3 year warranty

We offer a 3 year warranty on this product. Reimbursement is offered provided that the product has been treated with the care and attention described in our guidelines on this page. If you would like to make a warranty request, this will be done through your point of sale. You can read more about this on the FAQ page.


This pot is lightweight. Always lift a pot with plant at the bottom if you want to move it.

Frost proof

The pot is frost-resistant with good drainage of excess water (see our potting method; correct use of pot with plant). With pot feet you give the pot even better drainage.

Water reservoir

This pot is equipped with a water reservoir. It gives the plant a buffer in thirsty times, and at the same time keeps the roots free of too much water.


This product is eco-friendly. It is made from recycled and natural materials, and is fully recyclable.

Acting with candles

• Make sure the burning candle is on a surface.
• Make sure the burning candle is 10 cm from the other candle
• Make sure you do not lose the burning candle
• Be careful with children and pets with a burning candle
• Do not place a burning candle in the windowsill
• Do not extinguish the burning candle with water or blow it out, but extinguish it.
• Do not hold the burning candle in your hands
• Ensure that no paper comes close to a burning candle
• Make sure that the burning candle is not skewed
• Make sure the wick of the candle is 1 cm long
• Beware of sunlight with the burning candle
• Make sure the candle is not higher than 75% of the total height of the room
• Do not touch the candle and the product while it is still hot
• This product is not suitable for children up to and including 10 years

Indoor & outdoor

This TS Gardendeco product is subject to weather influences and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Potting guide

How do I pot a plant?

To keep pot and plant as strong and beautiful as possible, we recommend this method of potting for both indoor and outdoor use.

For outdoor use, a pot should have a drainage hole. Cover the hole with gauze to prevent clogging. With pot feet, you can give your pot even better drainage. For indoor use, we strongly advise you to place a suitable pot inlay in the pot. This protects the pot and the surface on which it stands against water damage caused by leakage.

  1. Fill the pot/inlay for 1/3 with hydro grains for good drainage.
  2. Then fill with the correct potting soil and the plant.
  3. Press the plant well and water it.
  4. Always water the plant at the stem. This way the roots get the most out of the water, and no water can end up between the inlay and the pot.
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